About Sensei Rizkalla

Sensei Issa Rizkallah ,

I was born in Jerusalem in 1958 and came to the USA at the age of 11. I began my aikido training under Katsumi Niikura Sensei in august 1991. I hold the rank of Sandan (third degree black belt) in Aikido. I met Albert Betzler sensei at the dojo and we became friends. He opened Budo Ryokukai Tenchi Shin Japanese Aikido in 1994; which translates as "Having the Heart of Heaven On Earth School of Aiki" The school was located in Livonia. He closed the School in 1999.

I trained with sensei Betzler and Katsumi sensei . I re-opened Tenchi Shin dojo under the guidance and approval of Katsumi Niikura sensei . I still visit the home dojo .

The art is based on the "Samurai old warriors of Japan", so when we practice its in that the spirit of the Samurai.

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